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Health Risks Of Swinging

Swinging is fun, sexy and a little bit naughty. But their are also health risks of swinging that you should know about and these include your physical and mental health. We do not want to scare anyone off swinging with this blog but whenever you meet any stranger for sex, there are always some things to be cautious of, such as […]

How To Introduce Your Partner To Swinging

Whether you’re exploring the swinger lifestyle for the first time or have enjoyed shared passions in the past, introducing your current or new partner to swinging is both a complex and delicate experience, so how do you introduce your partner to swinging ? In a world where we are socialized to believe that monogamy is the “norm” (how boring! right?), […]

Emotional Risks Of Swinging

If your marriage has been monogamous, and you’re thinking about some kind of non-monogamy, at that point you’re considering about a change and there are Emotional Risks Of Swinging. Is it possible to start swinging without risks? No, it’s definitely not. You can’t have change without risk. New circumstances, new boosts, new excitements, new sentiments, new wants, and desires. You’ll […]

How To Find Other Swingers

More and more couples are becoming open-minded about sexuality and the idea of exploration with other couples is becoming more common. But how to find other swingers that is a common question we hear couples asking. You can still find new sexual experience in any country around the globe in the Swingers Lifestyle and at SwingSocial.co as an online platform, […]

Body Image and Swinging Lifestyle

Body Image and Swinging Lifestyle

Even in the swinging community and lifestyle, there are external influences (as well as internal) that can affect men and women comfort level with their body image and the swinging lifestyle. At SwingSocial.co. we want to help our members and the community be more body positive and comfortable with their body image. Feeling Positive about your Body Image One of […]

Married Couples and Swinging Ethics

Married Couples and Swinging Ethics

We practice ethical non-monogamy and we thought it would be interesting to write an article about the subject and what we mean by ethical non-monogamy for Married Couples and Swinging Ethics at SwingSocial.co. So what do we think ‘Ethical Non-Monogamy’ is? This issue is answered by asking what actually makes anything ethical. Do no harm to others.  No cheating or […]

10 Myths Swinging and Swingers Lifestyle

10 Myths: Swinging and Swingers Lifestyle

We are debunking 10 Swinging Myths that you may never have heard of or thought were true at SwingSocial.co. Myth 1: All Swingers are Ugly and Overweight. Truth: Swingers come in all shapes and sizes, we know some younger, really good looking swinger couples and older, really good looking swinger couples who spend a lot of times on their bodies.There […]

Soft Or Full Swap? Common Swinger Styles Exposed

Soft or Full Swap? Swinger Styles Exposed.

Today we are going to share with you swinger styles that you may never have heard of or understood properly that couples most often identify themselves with and also some of the different types of playdates that swinger couples can discover at SwingSocial.co. Swinging Styles When it comes to the swinging lifestyle many may not know that there are two […]

Top 10 Tips To Get Invited To Play!

Top 10 Tips To Get Invited To Play!

We share our Top 10 Tips To Get Invited To Play which are the best where you make such a good impression that the sexiest people in the room invite you to come and join them! At SwingSocial we have many new members turn up to our events expecting the whole room to swarm them and wanting to play and […]

The Life Cycle of the Swinging Lifestyle. Where are you?

The Life Cycle of the Swinging Lifestyle

The Life Cycle of the Swinging Lifestyle. Every journey has a beginning and an end and the Swinger Lifestyle is no different. There are phases or cycles and they all come with their pro’s and con’s. Sometimes it’s good to know where you’re at and what you can expect to come up as you continue throughout your Swinging adventure there […]