Today we are going to share with you swinger styles that you may never have heard of or understood properly that couples most often identify themselves with and also some of the different types of playdates that swinger couples can discover at

Swinging Styles

When it comes to the swinging lifestyle many may not know that there are two distinct swinging styles that can sometimes confuse couples as every couple will have their own understanding of each style and the ones they identify with, below we share our understanding of the swinger styles that are most common, to help you decide which Swinger Styles fit you and your lover best.

It is important to understand that you may not fit into either of these categories or you are a blend of more than one. It’s okay to be unique that is what makes the Swinging Culture exciting for everyone.

We would also like to point out that open communication and being honest with yourself and your lover is important before engaging in any Swinging play-date, nothing is worse then suddenly finding yourself faced with handcuffs and hot wax if you aren’t expecting them – so make sure you set the boundaries together.

Full Swap.

This is the easiest one to understand and most couples we know at fit this category. Both couples swaps partners and this also includes penetrative sexual exploration. Other activities like BDSM and anal play would have already been discussed and agreed upon before playing ( because consent is sexy! ).

Soft Swap.

This is the hardest one to define as many couples have their own understandings of what they define as “soft”. However, the most common themes we have come across at Swing Social is that swapping partners and everything is okay – EXCEPT – penetration and that includes oral sex with swap partners ( but this does vary person to person, couple to couple ). Some couples do not do oral sex with swap partners, but still identify with soft swap play. So, best to ask the couple you are intending on playing with first to avoid any surprises.

Touch Only.

Put simply, this is where the swapping couples are kissing only or touching only with no oral or genital penetration. Some swingers also class this as soft swap play. So, best to ask the couple you are intending on playing with first to avoid any surprises.


This is where it does get a little more exciting and the place where lots of swingers start their journey in the lifestyle. This is where they do not swap partners at all and just make out and have sex with their own partner; while enjoying the show of another couple who has consented to you watching them play with each other. Often, this leads to Soft Play or Touch Only play but not all the time.

Even if you do identify yourself with one of the styles right now, swinging is fluid, so you might not play the same way with every couple or on every occasion, even with the same couple. Everyone has their own preference and boundaries , and those might change with time, and as you gain experience you may feel you want to try more things and push your boundaries more.

Play Date Types

Now, let’s talk about Play-Dates in the Swinging Culture. There are many but below are the most often ones we encourage at SwingSocial and our members tend to explore together at our play parties and events.


Two Males (M) and a Female (F) where the lucky lady has an extra man to play with as well as her partner, or possibly two men that are not her partner. As as the F is in the center of the acronym, the female is the primary attention in this kind of play and both men play on an equal level with her to explore their sexual desires together.


This is another two men (M) and a female (F) but the extra man, known as the bull, is invited to play with the female and he takes on a dominant role while playing with her. This is often in a role playing scenario and the female’s partner is made to watch.


Two Females (F) and a Man (M). In this scenario the man is lucky as he has two ladies to play with. Sometimes though, if both the women are bi he might have to his fair share of watching the two ladies play together, but who does not love a little girl-on-girl action?

Girl Only Play.

Only the girls play together and although there may be two or more couples present; this includes the males who are just watching.


Our favorite style of play and at we plan many parties for our VIP members. Parties are where more than 4 people or a mix of couples, single females and males are enjoying sexual exploration together. There may also be a mix of full swap, soft swap and voyeurs present which makes for an exciting and very diverse experience for everyone.


Whoever gets lucky here they need to be ready to lay back and relax and let the attention of multiple men and women be on them as they enjoy pleasuring them, usually in the presence of their partner or other voyeurs who may or may not participate.


This is simply where two couples get together for a play-date, with all the people intending to participate in the playing.

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